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Cliqa is a free application for your smartphone with which you can easily, immediate and safe recharging prepaid cellular worldwide from United States.

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How easy to recharge Mexico with Cliqa?

1. Download app Cliqa here.
2. Create your profile (phone and credit or debit card US).
3. Ready! online recharge your cell phone or your loved ones around the world from your phone.

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Cliqa is a enterprise 100% Latina – Juntos Podemos!.

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recharge Telcel, Tigo, Movistar, Clear, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Net10, Cubacel, and many more.

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Cliqa is a company of Latinos for Planet Earth

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Don Cheto.

Cliqa is the most secure app

We use the best technology for your safety and information.

You pay with your card

We accept debit and credit cards.

With Cliqa recharge Movistar, Clear, Telcel, Tigo, Cubacel and many more from the free app Cliqa.

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