Cliqa ayuda a damnificados del terremoto de México 2017

Con una cena de recaudación Cliqa ayuda a damnificados del terremoto en México que este 2017 dejó a familias sin lugar en donde vivir. Gracias al Hotel HILO y a su restaurant ALTO BAJO en Portland, a los Timbers, Club

Gran rifa en apoyo a los damnificados de México

A 12 días de llegar a la meta $1,500,000 USD en la organización de Gael García y Diego Luna. … Read More

#AyudaMx y gánate los jerseys que usaron los jugadores de los Timbers de Portland en su campeonato 2015

Edgar y Lenin Jiménez fundadores de Cliqa están apoyando, desde EE. UU. a la gente de México que fue afectada por el terremoto que sucedió el 19 septiembre. Se ha unido a la causa algunos jugadores de los Timbers de … Read More

We are Cliqa social entrepreneurship

CDMX 09/10/2017 Cliqa is a company in the US Hispanic market. which it has been characterized to be composed of groups of visionaries immigrants, committed to building technological communication tools to help the Latino community to stay connected … Read More

Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal, collected over $650,000 USD in 6 days for victims of Mexico

Last 23 of September, Mexican actors launched a campaign via the Internet in which all people could donate where they met. … Read More

WhatsApp saves lives in the earthquake 19s

After noticing the event of earthquake 19 of September, there were failures in the electricity supply and there was no internet connections, Some telephone installations were damaged. While citizens, were seeking to know that their loved ones … Read More

Mexico helps your mobile #FuerzaMx

The help is needed where it is needed. Everything checked. A civil community for relief in difficult moments of our country. With this application you can find all the help you need: Hospitals Blood Banks Collection Centers

Training heroes 4 legs 🐾

Center trainings in police dog, They have a great work, that is to form pairs dogs and this starts from fertilization of puppies. … Read More

Meet the four-legged heroes in the S19 of Mexico

  After the events that occurred the 19 September in Mexico City, the support of citizens and dogs have saved many lives binomials, who were under landslides. … Read More


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